The Tombs of the Kings – Pafos ( photos and video)

Tombs of the Kings
UNESCO World Heritage Site
Official name Kato Paphos necropolis (Tafoi ton Vasileon)
Location PaphosPaphos DistrictCyprus
City Paphos
Criteria Cultural: (iii)(vi)
Reference 79-002
Inscription 1980 (4th Session)
Area 32.6883 ha (80.775 acres)
Coordinates 34°46′30″N 32°24′25″ECoordinates34°46′30″N 32°24′25″E
Tombs of the Kings (Paphos) is located in Cyprus

Tombs of the Kings (Paphos)
Location of Tombs of the Kings in Cyprus

The Tombs of the Kings (GreekΤάφοι των Βασιλέων [ˈtafi ton vasiˈleon]TurkishKral Mezarları) is a large necropolis lying about two kilometres north of Paphos harbour in Cyprus. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.



The Tombs of the Kings archaeological site is one of the 3 archaeological sites in Pafos that belong to the UNESCO World Heritage list. Its impressive size and architecture are truly magnificent. #visitcyprus

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