Kalopanayiotis Village

In the eleventh century (shortly after the foundation of the monastery of St. John the Illuminator) appears the first resident to Panagiotis name that builds his house very close to the monastery of St. John.

He was very good Christian and wanted to serve St. Panagiotis followed by other settlers created their own families and they built their own small churches.

The village was originally known as “Village of Panagiotis” which for the Franks was known as Casale Panayiotis, Kazalopanagiotis and where corruption Kalapanagiotis.

Later during the English domination started when the official map of the island, the name Kalopanayiotis used. The village, built by the first settlers (Panagiotis, Sergius, Athanasius, George and Lord), was a small development of 5 or more independent family parishes constantly growing.

Location of Kalopayiotis

Kalopanayiotis is located in the evergreen valley of Setrachos river on the northern slopes of the Troodos range. It is one of the fourteen villages of the Marathasa area, the most mountainous area of Cyprus. The village is 70 km away from Nicosia and Limassol and is the first village to come across as one enters the Marathasa valley driving up from Nicosia.

Coming from Nicosia follow the road to Kykko Mon turning left at Astromeritis and right just before Evrichou heading towards Kalopanayiotis – Kykko. Driving up from Limassol the easiest route is to drive towards Moniatis – Saitas turn right just before Moniatis through the village of Kato Amiantos, past Kakopetria and Evrichou and left at the junction 3 km past Evrichou torward Kalopanayiotis – Kykkos.

Things To Do in Kalopanayiotis

Take advantage of kindness and Cyprus hospitality by meeting local people and ask them to tell you the story of the village ! You will be amazed what you will listen almost every house has a history behind it! I will let you to find out what I mean !

Escape from your routine and go for spa , masaz , sauna with your friends or other half. One of the most famous healthness spa resort is located in Kalopanayiotis

Take a walk at day and at night to enjoy it more. Kalopanayiotis is nice at day time to take a walk and go visit the river but at night it is nice too.

Visit attractions such as chuchers and museum too. The church in Kalopanayiotis is unique because there are 3 churches together under one roof and it is fascinating.

If you would ike to visit more village around Kalopanayiotis you can go to Kakopetria see our post below:


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