Tips: How to be an amazing trip companion!

Our blog is here to amazed with some practical tips advices to make your holidays special and memorable. Through my experiences that are my tips and my advices 🙂 Lets discover them !!


  1. Travel with someone who has a similar travel style. For example your travel buddy needs to have simiar interested with you ! If you would like to discover churchers , museums and historical places , spend a lot of time of learning history then your companions needs to find it interesting. If you are companion does not like that then frustration will arised and one of you , you will sense that you are wasting your time therefore lets go to the second part. …
  2. Share the planning. Share your ideas and expectation even before you book your ticket to go for holidays together. It is better more or less to know what to expect and add in your program the probability of being flexible regarding time


  1. Split the costs. I love that one , with my travel buddies we have what I call ” commom pocket ”. So everyday it depends of the destination we add the same amount of money in the common pocket for commom activiities such as coffees , restaurants , buses, sightseeing we use that. That why I love my two travel buddies !!


  1. Spend some time alone.  We all need our space and it depends how many day we are travelling with someone. If you choose to do a round trip then definetely you need your space and your time for few minutes per a day …
  2. Keep in mind that the driver chooses the music. The driver needs to stay awake travel many hours so let him choose a music that keeps him/her active and awake
  3. Food , snacks , nuts oh my god I love them !!Hamburgers, tacos and ice cream cones don’t make for good road food. …


  1. If you’re not behind the wheel, keep your helpful driving tips to yourself.

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