Tip: How to plan your travel budget

Travel for some people like me is their passion , their meaning of being alive and their dream to travel all over the world. For some other traveling is a way to escape from their routine and take a break to recharge their batteries. Most of us most probably we have a saving account or a box which we keep some money aside for our holidays. It depends on saving how we spend our holiday , which destination we will choose to go and what activities we can do while we are on holiday unless you are a millionaire 😛


So as traveler I will share with you my tips in order to organized my travel budget effectively.

  1. First thing in my list is to start checking the price of the tickets 4 months before my travel. Here in another article I have some tips how to find a cheap ticket for your holidays…
  2. I am flexible in my tickets dates and time so I can get the best offer which is available
  3. Then I estimated my expenses for accommodation and book it before I reach to my destination. That amount is specific. 
  4. Then I assume after research how much will be my daily budget in transportation and meals. A good tip is that always I am going for bed and breakfast start my day with strong breakfast
  5. Always I estimated my budget and add in my budget more than 300 euros just in case. Also always keep in mind that sometimes sometimes we have unexpected expenses.
  6. Before I reach back home I already start thinking for my next destination.


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