3+1 reason to visit Kakopetria

3+1 reason to visit Kakopetria


One of the most spot destinations for agro tourism in Cyprus is Kakopetria…



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The name of the village means ” bad stone ”.  The first version states that it was named after the two words “bad and stone” because in earlier times its location was rocky and inaccessible.Some locals believe that the name was taking because one rock hit a couple and the couple past away! That why they call it bad because the event separate the couple! Some people they believe that should be call Good Rock instead because the man avoid her wife complains and speaking to much 🤣🤣

But what are the 4+1 reasons to visit Kakopetria?

Number one: The old Kakopetria Square will remind you a throwback in Cyprus. All houses are in small narrow streets build ed by rocks and really close to each other.To the west of the valley and between the two rivers, old Kakopetria is built with its narrow and helical streets. The roofs of the houses are sloping and tiled and almost all the houses have a wooden balcony.

Walkng in the narrow streets you will meet some grannies selling traditional products and sweets. Getting lost in narrow streets you will meet different traditions such as the photo follow….

Traditional oven. Grandmother used to bake their bread in oven like that. We still used it but not that often like in the past.


Number 2 : Folklore Museum it is in the narrow streets of Old Kakopetria, Just be careful with the sign follow them and you will get to Folklore museum. For a second you will feel that you are part of our culture. In the museum you will see different tools that we use in the past for our argiculture and see how we used to produce the oldest wine in the world” komadaria”

Number 3: Narture Bath of Bateris ” Μονοπάτι της Βατέρης”

You will see a nice river along Old Kakopetria and a small tables among the river that you can sit and have your picnic. But please take your rubbist and be careful. The two rivers merge into the village and form the Clarion River, which crosses the Solea valley and then flows into the Gulf of Morphou, Pentagia.img_20190823_1327053961688375932869864.jpg

Nature trails:
In the forest of Kakopetria, which covers an area of 25,550 hectares, you will see natural beauties, with nature trails such as The trail starting from Xylovrisi Troodos – Memorials of the Bishops and ending at Apotheri. The trail that starts from Kanoures – Peyounokremmos and ends at Agios Nikolaos tis Stegis.



Number 4: ”The rock of Angroginou” This stone is associated with the name of Kakopetria, since the inhabitants described this stone as evil (evil stone = Kakopetria).



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