Tip: How to avoid anxiety and stress while you are on holiday!

Tip: How to avoid anxiety and stress while you are on holiday!

Do you get anxiety while you are on holidays? Are you overthinking about work, people and situations you left behind. The best way is before you are travelling to complete obligations which are making more stress. Prioritize your obligations before you are travelling and prioritize them in order to be completed.

We do have busy life and the plan A to complete all your task before travelling, might not be applied. So lets go to Plan B. They are some tips how to avoid anxiety and stress during you are holidays.

1.Keep your diet balance and avoid sweets. It doesn’t mean that you have to overdone it with food and cakes.

2.Exercise.You can make up and go for a jogging or to the gym or for sauna at morning to start your day with energy

3.Relax. You can join animators activities , mediate in front of the see. Listen relaxing music, read your book or a magazine. Take a nice walk.

4.Switch off your business calls and emails. You can set up automatically answers that you are on holidays and you will get back to the clients when you arrived

5.If you are stress for your relatives or family you left behind call them at morning and before you sleep to calm yourself down. 

6.Sleep well.  Create the best environment for you to felt asleep. Comfortable bed and pillows , lighting.

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