6+1 Things You Should Do in August in Cyprus!

6+1 Things You Should Do in August in Cyprus!

August is one of the most hottest month in Cyprus with hot days and temperature reach 32 degrees every day.

But what are 8 thing you should do during your holidays in August 

  1. Avoid to park  your car  in the main strip of Protaras because most of the days is busy. Especially dates from 10th of August until 20th of August because many cypriots are on holidays
  2. Visit your favorite restaurant for a meal or dinner but before you do that , reserve a table to make sure you can find space
  3. Swim in Fig Tree Bay it is one of the nicest and rate as the 3rd nicer beach in the world. 
  4. Go to movie festival in Protaras and in Kapparis to enjoy movie nights for free. Movie festivals is taking place in two places in the main strip of Protaras and some day in the Malama beach in Kapparis
  5. Enjoying full moon night walks in front of the beach.


6.Enjoying Sunset Cruises with swim Stop in Blue Lagoon.



7. Swim swim everyday because vitamin sea make us happy, active and calm. Swimming in different beach with your fins and mask it is always amazing. Add in your schedule snorkeling . Snorkeling is amazing…..


Videos I have taken  from Snorkeling ….


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